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March 8, 2011

Ken Paves for Hairdo: The Big Bang


Ken Paves for Hairdo: The Big Bang

Bangs are the latest trend in hair fashion, and the Hairdo® Clip-in Bangs, created by Ken Paves, make it easy for any client to get this hot hair fashion without making the commitment to cutting her own hair.

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  • 1

    If the front of the hair is long, you may wish to pin it back, or you may wish simply to comb it back out of the way.

  • 2

    Open all three pressure-sensitive clips on the inside of the piece.

  • 3

    Slip the two clips along the front rim into the hair at the front of the hairline, making sure to catch the hair in both clips.

  • 4

    Snap both clips shut by applying pressure on with your thumbs. Styling note: When both clips are securely closed, run your fingers along the front of the piece to make sure it lies flat against the front hairline.  If there are any gaps, correct this by snapping the clip(s) open, and repositioning the piece so that the bangs lie flat.

  • 5

    Once the two front clips are properly placed and securely closed, gently pull the top of the bang back, slip the third clip into the hair at the top of the crown and snap shut.

  • 6

    Comb or brush bangs to seamlessly blend with rest of the hair.

    Removing the clip-in bangs.
    To remove the bangs, snap open all three pressure sensitive clips and gently lift up and away from the hair. Never try to remove the bangs without first opening all the clips. Pulling or tugging to remove the bangs can result in damage to the hair.