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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Flirtatious Bangs by Ken Paves for Hairdo

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Flirtatious Bangs by Ken Paves for Hairdo

Give your clients flirtatious bangs with no commitment! Hairdo® Clip-in Bangs are an easy way to amp up their style for the season, and make for a perfect add-on service in any salon. Celebrity stylist Ken Paves also suggests the Clip-in Bangs for a client looking to change her style but isn’t ready for a big bang commitment. Here’s his how-to.

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    Open all three pressure-sensitive clips on the inside of the piece.

    Note: If the front of the hair is long, you may wish to pin it back, or you may wish simply to comb it back out of the way.

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    Position the two clips along the front rim into the hair at the front of the hairline, and slip them in making sure to catch the hair in both clips.

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    Snap both clips shut by applying pressure on with your thumbs.

    Note: When both clips are securely closed, run your fingers along the front of the piece to make sure it lies flat against the front hairline. If there are any gaps, correct this by snapping the clip(s) open, and repositioning the piece so that the bangs lie flat.

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    Once the two front clips are properly placed and securely closed, gently pull the top of the bang back, slip the third clip into the hair at the top of the crown and snap shut.

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    Now that piece is securely in place, you can trim them just as you would natural hair. Starting with the long side bits, contour them to create the style you want for your client.

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    Keep working with the sides to match the texture and weight of your client’s hair by going through and aerating the hair slightly to match the amount of hair your client has.

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    Next go through the center of the bang, cutting to the length desired – in this case, just below the eyebrows.

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    Once that is done, move to the other side and aerate that side as you did the first.

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