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Last updated: October 06, 2023

More Than Shampoo: Why Scalp Care Is So Important

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3 Steps To Adding Scalp Treatments To Your Service List

If you’re a hair expert, you need to be a scalp expert. Why? Because healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. If you’re not instilling this in your clients’ heads (pun intended), then you’re missing out on a lot of money. We’re here to help you connect the dots between scalp care and haircare so you can become a trusted expert, help your clients achieve their hair goals and put more money in your pocket.


Step one is to learn everything there is to know about the scalp. Below are four must-know scalp care facts from Certified Trichologist and Hairstylist Bridgette Hill (@thescalptherapist).


1. Healthy scalp = healthy hair. “The scalp is the organ responsible for housing the hair follicle,” says Bridgette in conversation with René Furterer Educator and Brand Ambassador Chuck Hezekiah (@rfchuckhezekiah) “The hair follicular cycles are all related to what is happening on the scalp.”


2. Exfoliation is necessary for a balanced scalp. “When the scalp is properly cleansed and nurtured, the microbiome remains in a balanced state to function properly leading to optimal hair growth with quality hair fibers,” says Bridgette.


3. A scalp sensation means something is happening with the hair follicles. Itching, redness and inflammation are all signs of follicular activity—so first, be mindful of how you’re treating it as it is responsible for the hair. Then, treat it!


4. Stress can lead to reactional hair loss. “High cortisol levels result in fewer hormones that aid in hair growth leading to miniaturization, which is the shrinking of the hair follicle which leads to hair loss,” shares Bridgette. Have a client experiencing sudden hair loss? Stress could be the cause.



Add Bridgette’s go-to scalp treatments to your backbar!


Step two is to teach your clients that scalp care is skincare and the goal is to balance the scalp. Give them analogies to true skincare so they can understand when they need treatments to rebalance.


  • If their scalp is dry, itchy, or experiencing dandruff; exfoliate.
  • If their scalp is oily; cleanse and purify.
  • If they’re experiencing inflammation and hair loss; soothe.


See tips for exfoliating the scalp here:


Scalp treatments go beyond shampoos and conditioners. To successfully add scalp treatments to your service list and retail shelves, make sure you’re carrying exfoliants, cleansers and serums to treat any of the above issues.



Pro tip: All three treatments are done as an add-on service pre-shampoo and can be used in conjunction with a scalp massager to stimulate the follicles and boost circulation.


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