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Last updated: February 20, 2018

Kristen Stewart’s Edgy Crop

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Actress Kristen Stewart is all about the edge. And at the premier of her new film Still Alice, she rocked a bold, fresh new look. Thanks to Macadamia Professional’s International Creative Director, Giannandrea, Stewart’s rocker-chic look was inspired by the edgy black and white graphic Chanel mini-dress she wore. Here’s how he created rockin’ style.


Artist: Giannandrea
Manufacturer: Macadamia Professional



First wet the hair and apply a good amount of Macadamia Professional’s Foaming Volumizing Mousse to the whole head.


Then create a deep side part, combing the hair up from the back, to create a pompadour effect.


Using a large round brush, blow-dry the top layer of the hair to give it extra volume and lift.


Smother the sides back with Macadamia Professional’s Healing Oil Sprayto make them sleek and tight.


Once the whole head is dry, use a quarter-sized amount of Macadamia’s Whipped Detailing Cream and run it with your hands throughout the entire top of head to create a heavy texture.


Then flat iron just the ends, creating a slight edge. 

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To finish the look, spray the hair with Macadamia Professional’s Control Spray to set the look in place.

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