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Last updated: September 01, 2021

Fringe Cutting 101: 4 Things To Consider For Customized Fringe

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Use These 4 Tips To Create Custom Fringe On Every Client

How to instantly look more chic: FRINGE. This it-girl upgrade is even more sophisticated when done by one of LA’s coolest cutters Tim Morrison (@timm.morrison). We predict you’ll have more and more clients asking to get banged this fall, so get ready with Tim’s top four tips to create the perfect fringe for every client.


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1. Examine the hairline closely.

Move the hair around at the hairline to see how it reacts—this is the most important thing to Tim. “A raised root or flat spot is going to dictate how much freedom I have to play around with different fringes,” he says. Move the hair around and see what it wants to do. “If the root direction is immediately up, fringe probably isn’t a good idea as it’ll stick straight up,” he said. “That doesn’t mean she can’t have face-framing hair, though—the weight of the long hair will void the cowlick, so it’s free range at that point.”


Face-framing fringe is good for hairlines with cowlicks. Tim uses Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity to keep the shape he wants without the hair feeling weighed down.


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2. Analyze her face shape.

“Don’t just slap any old fringe on anyone,” Tim cautions. “Take into consideration the roundness or long face shape of your client.”

  • Rounder face: Create the illusion of a face that is longer with something straight across, or sweeping so that it lays over the cheeks.
  • Longer face: Create the illusion of an oval face shape with a longer fringe.


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3. Base the fringe on her texture.

Tim takes a section that is 2 inches deep at the hairline for the fringe, but this also depends on texture.

  • Fine hair and sparse hairline: Take a 3-inch-deep section.
  • Thick hair: Sometimes all you need is a section 1-inch deep—if you take too much, the fringe can overpower the face.


Instagram via @timm.morrison


4. Teach her to style her fringe perfectly.

The difference between someone who loves her fringe and someone who can’t wait to grow it out? The styling technique! So teach her to style it right. Tim’s go-to fringe styling products are:

  • Sebastian Dark Oil: Tim uses this for shine and smoothness.
  • Sebastian Sublimate: This finishing cream is just the right consistency and not sticky at all, Tim says.
  • Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity: A flexible spray for weightless hold is the finishing touch.


Watch Tim style this fringe below!


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