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Last updated: September 11, 2020

6 Genius Cheats For Cut + Color Services

L'Oreal PPD Post BTC Show Article Redken MIZANI Matrix L'Oreal Professionnel Cutting Styling Haircolor Blonding Saturation Tippi Shorter @tippishorter
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6 Cutting + Coloring Tips For Every Client

Looking for ways to speed up appointment times? Then keep reading because these cutting and coloring cheats shared by some of industry’s biggest brands during The BTC Show online 2020 will have you cutting fringe faster, giving bright blondes tonal dimension in just three steps AND creating curly cuts with more movement—just to name a few! 😉


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1. A Faster Way To Cut Fringe

For clients who resisted cutting #quarantinebangs but really want some fresh fringe, Redken Global Artistic Ambassador Sam Villa (@samvillahair) has just the technique! Working with a triangle section, take the top small piece and bring it down to the hairline. The hairline will act as your guide. “Don’t panic because you’re going to feel like it’s really short—and it is,” he notes. From there, elevate vertically from that point while each horizontal section is overdirected diagonally. 


L'Oreal PPD Post BTC Show Article Redken MIZANI Matrix L'Oreal Professionnel Cutting Styling Haircolor Blonding Saturation Sam Villa @samvillahair


2. Tips For Safely Lightening Curly & Textured Hair

Curly, coily and highly textured hair are all delicate AF and need extra care when doing any sort of lightening service. So before you apply lightener, remember these three key tips from Redken x MIZANI Ambassador Rachel Redd (@rachel_redd):


  1. Go low and slow.
  2. Be mindful of fragile areas like the hairline, crown (especially if she has genetics of alopecia) and nape.
  3. Detangle the hair first to remove any pre-shedding, which will make the color service much quicker.


3. How To Give Bright Blondes Tonal Dimension

With fall fast approaching, some blondes may want to swap their bright strands for something more dimensional. Here’s how Matrix Artistic Ambassador Eric Vaughn (@realericvaughn) adds tonal dimension in three easy steps:


  • Start by painting a shadow root to add some warmth back in.


  • Then, on one section, apply Matrix Color Sync 11P throughout the midlengths and ends to tone. Thoroughly saturate the ends so the shadow root color doesn’t shift down to the ends, then use your fingers to blend where the shadow root meets 11P.


  • On the next section, instead of toning, re-saturate the hair and do a wet balayage. Doing this maintains some of that brightness they love while also complimenting those beautiful ribbons of 11P. 


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4. Give Curls More Movement With This Cutting Technique

Cutting one curl at a time? That technique is great for clients who wear their hair curly all the time, but for those who like the versatility of wearing their strands straight, try the Aircut technique. After dividing the hair into zones, MIZANI Global Artistic Director Tippi Shorter (@tippishorter) will cut some zones at a 45 degree angle and slide glide through others to remove weight. The result? A dimensional shape with LOTS of movement!


5. A Trick For The Best Saturation

The key to avoiding splotchiness and uneven color? Proper saturation. And Redken Master Artist Lori Zabel (@lorizabel) has an easy trick for getting the best saturation every time when foiling: BEFORE you place a section down on the foil, first apply the lightener or haircolor. Then, lay the section directly on top. (Doing this will also help prevent slipping!) 


6. Make Sure The Face Frame Looks Bright From All Angles

Your blondies love to see brightness in this area—even when their hair is pulled back into a pony or topknot. So to ensure her clients get a pop regardless of how they wear their hair, L’Orèal Professionnel Ambassador Laura Gibson (@lgibsoncolorist) will stand a little behind the guest, lean forward and paint holding the hair tautly toward her. Then, paint the other side so the face frame is heavily saturated.


L'Oreal PPD Post BTC Show Article Redken MIZANI Matrix L'Oreal Professionnel Cutting Styling Haircolor Blonding Saturation Laura Gibson @lgibsoncolorist


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