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Clients struggling with breakage? Offer them a solution that’s a FAST fix—and watch it boost your tickets just as fast! Sebastian Professional No.Breaker is a new bonding and styling leave-in spray that’s perfect for in-salon express services and as a take-home treatment that clients can include in their haircare routines. 


How It Works 

  • Creates New Bonds: Formulated with apple acid and styling polymers, the leave-in lotion deeply penetrates the hair cuticle, repairing even severe damage by creating new bonds within the hair fiber, while also providing volume.
  • Less Breakage + More Smoothness: Offers up to 99% less hair breakage and up to 25% smoother hair for up to four weeks.


Who Is The Ideal Client For No.Breaker?

It’s great for clients with dry or damaged hair that’s often caused by:

  • Regular lightening and chemical services
  • Frequent heat tool usage 
  • Curly or coily hair that’s naturally more dry


Bonus: No.Breaker is perfect for clients who need TLC with conditioning and anti-breakage, but don’t want to sacrifice volume and body. 


Add-On Service + Retail Ideas 

  • Add to backbar services
  • Build into color and styling services
  • Offer an express treatment as an add-on to blowouts
  • Retail to clients for at-home treatments


Check out the before & after in the tutorial below! Watch the quickie video by Christina McCarver (@christinamhair).

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No.Breaker will be available exclusively to salon pros through August 2021. Click here to purchase at CosmoProf!


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How To Use

1. Start with shampooed and towel-dried hair. Do not condition, otherwise the conditioner could create a barrier that won't allow No.Breaker to do its job. 


2. Shake No.Breaker before use, hold the bottle six inches away from the hair and spray from roots to ends. The level of damage, hair density and porosity will determine how many sprays are needed. 


3. Comb through. Do not rinse!


4. Blow-dry and style as usual. 


5. For best results, use 1x per week.


Check Out The Before + After Below!

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