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Last updated: February 24, 2021

Faux Curly Bob

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Faux Curly Bob

If your clients love a short style but will never, ever cut their tresses, this curly bob by celebrity stylist Nikki Nelms (@nikkinelms) is the cheat they’ve been looking for. Below, she breaks down how she creates a flawless bob style that’ll fool everyone—even your coworkers. Scroll for all the details including Nikki’s application tips and go-to products!


Products Used


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    Shampoo and condition the hair with Sebastian Professional Dark Oil Lightweight Shampoo and Conditioner, then blow dry smooth. Apply a few rollers at the crown for volume and set with Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity. A curling iron can also be used.

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    Separate the rest of the hair into two sections and secure with an elastic band. The placement of the elastic will determine how short or long the faux bob will be. 

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    Roll one section up until you reach the base of the neck and use a butterfly clip to hold the hair in place. Repeat with the next section and connect the two together using a bobby pin.

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    Take down the curls at the base and back comb them a little for volume. Pin up the curled ends to fit the shape of the bob. Once the bob is set, spray with Sebastian Professional Shaper Plus to finish. Add accessories if needed.


    Note: Embrace any imperfections for a fun, flirty and stress-free look. Remember that this is a fake haircut, so there will always be something you’re trying to fix.

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    Finished Look

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