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Last updated: August 30, 2018

Braiding Quickie: Basket Weave Video How-To

Braiding Quickie: Basket Weave Video How-To Antonio Estrada @antestradahair Sebastian Professional
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Watch The Quickie How-To & Get The Styling Steps
We know you’re super-busy in the salon, so spend your next five-minute break watching this quickie how-to braiding video! Master a new on-trend style LIKE THAT, then screenshot the steps (and must-have stylers!) and carry on. BTC Team Member and 2018 #ONESHOT Braids Finalist Antonio Estrada (@antestradahair) is known for his Insta feed of intricate braids that would make your brides and festival-going clients hit the follow button. That’s why we’re sharing his viral basket-weaving quickie—check it all out below!

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Watch The Quickie Video How-To Below

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Get The Steps

1. To create clean braids, Antonio always washes his hands before he begins to style. Why? Any oils or product build-up will add unwanted texture to the foundation.


2. Then, apply Sebastian Professional Shine Shaker to evenly distribute weight and shine to the hair. Antonio always uses Shine Shaker for its high-gloss effect on the finished braids. Pro Tip: Call a friend! Ask an assistant or salon bestie to hold the sections you’re not working with for more control as you weave. 


3. Carefully section the hair, then pick up the starting section to basket-weave. Continue rotating over and under each section as you work down the braid. Pro Tip: If you see frizz or texture, start over—if it’s there in the beginning, it will be there in the end, warns Antonio. 


4. After weaving, apply Sebastian Professional Shaper Plus hairspray all over to set the style for long-lasting hold and a strong finish. 


Braiding Quickie: Basket Weave Video How-To Antonio Estrada @antestradahair Sebastian Professional

Peep the Insta-worthy finished braid!


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