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Last updated: May 30, 2017

Modernized 1960s Graduated Bob from Tom Brophy

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Modernized 1960s Graduated Bob from Tom Brophy

This graduated bob is a versatile cut for both the working woman and the fashionista, claims Master Stylist Tom Brophy, owner of Tom Brophy Salon in Beverly Hills. “It can be worn straight of with more volume, or even become playful and curly for evening,” he adds. The look is a modern day version of the classic 1960s graduated bob you would’ve seen on icons like Twiggy and Jean Seberg.


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    1. Begin at the back into the nape (the shortest point).
    2. Take a vertical section and two diagonal sections to form a triangle beneath the occipital bone.
    3. The next section is more diagonal than the first and is over-directed back to develop length towards the front.
    4. Continue towards the back of the ear. The sections now become more horizontal. Always over-direct to the previous section.
    5. Just below the crown area, the sections extend through into the sides.
    6. Hold the hair using minimal tension to carry on the graduated line through the front.
    7. Continue with parallel sections up to the parting using the previous hair as a guide.
    8. Repeat the same sectioning and cutting throughout the second side, always checking the shape for balance.
    9. Define the hair using the tips of the shears.
    10. Blow dry the hair using a Denman or flat brush for a straight look.
    11. After hair is dry, check the entire internal shape to remove excess length by layering the hair through.
    12. Point cut to add texture.

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    1. Apply a nickel-sized amount of Davines Momo Anti-Fuzz Fluid, working it through the hair with the fingers.
    2. For a very straight and smooth look, blow dry the hair with a Denman or flat brush, then use a flat iron.
    3. Finish by applying a styling paste like Davines Defining Paste on the ends to adjust the texture, and then style with fingers.
    4. For more volume, use a round brush when drying hair and spray a volumizer such as Davines Defining Texturing Spray on the roots.

    The Color
    Senior Colorist at Tom Brophy Salon Davin Dawson says to create this gorgeous honey bisque blonde color, apply pale blonde highlights and cool toned lowlights. Apply these in a natural texture within block sections.