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Last updated: October 05, 2020

Watch: Dry Cutting & Heatless Styling Techniques

Here’s Why You Need To Start Incorporating Heatless Styling Into Your Services

Have your clients been requesting more heatless styling options that are easy to recreate at home? That’s what’s been happening at IGK Salons, so IGK Hair Founders Franck Izquierdo (@franckhair), Leo Izquierdo (@leohairofficial) and Chase Kusero (@chasehair) went live from the IGK Salon in Miami to show you how to achieve salon-worthy results without using heat, plus how the right products can help with your dry-cutting technique.


Keep scrolling to get dry-cutting tips and styling techniques for you and your client, then watch the video above and check out the finished looks!


Products Used


Start Your Dry-Cuts Off On Clean Hair

Franck begins his dry cuts on clean hair with no product. After he creates his guide in the front and moves more into the haircut, he’ll use IGK Hair Good Behavior Smoothing Spray to direct the hair and control frizz. Want to get better at dry-cutting? Franck recommends practicing on at least one client a day to work on your technique.


Pricing Tip: “The difference between an expensive haircut and a cheap haircut is the way it grows out,” says Chase. He charges $500 for haircuts at IGK Salon’s Los Angeles location, but in exchange he only sees his clients every three to four months because the grow out isn’t awkward.


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3 Tips For Heatless Styling 

Whether your client has naturally curly or straight hair, heatless styling is a healthier alternative for the hair and something the IGK Founders see their clients asking for more often in the salon. The trick to heatless styling is knowing the products and how they’ll work on the hair. Here’s a few tips for curly and straight hair:


Curly Hair: When it comes to fighting frizz, Leo takes vertical sections through damp hair and applies IGK Hair Good Behavior 4-in-1 Prep Spray. Then he twirls the hair in small sections around his fingers to create natural ringlets. Once all the hair has been curled, the look is finished off using IGK Hair Rich Kid Coconut Oil Air-Dry Styler for extra hold.


Pro Tip: Leo prefers to start applying product on damp hair instead of when it’s soaking wet. This allows him to see any frizz or other problem areas in the hair, so he knows what products to use to control them. 


Leo Styled One Side With Heat & The Other Without!


After A Wet Cut: If the client has naturally straight hair with a lot of volume, Chase will add IGK Hair Beach Club Soft Texture Spray when the hair is still damp after a wet cut to help work in the style and create texture for a natural look once it air dries. The look is completed with IGK Hair Antisocial Overnight Bond Building Dry Hair Mask for shine and to soften the hair, plus a little IGK Hair Beach Club Soft Texture Paste at the roots for volume.


Check Out Chase’s Final Look!


After A Dry Cut: After dry-cutting his client’s straight hair, Franck applied Beach Club Bouncy Blowout Cream for movement. This product can be used on wet or dry hair. He recommends to start applying it underneath the hair, then everywhere else, making sure to move the hair from left to the right to create texture.


Here’s Franck’s Finished Look!

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