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Last updated: January 31, 2018

Emmy Rossum’s “Shamelessly” Sexy Blowout

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Actress Emmy Rossum looked “Shamelessly” stunning on the red carpet thanks to her ultra-sexy blowout, courtesy of Macadamia Professional’s International Creative Director, Giannandrea. The voluminous, blown-out waves create the perfect balance between her deep, red lips and her chic, gray, leather dress. Here’s how he created her striking look.


Artist: Giannandrea
Manufacturer: Macadamia Professional

Products Used



 Start with wet hair, applying a lot of Macadamia Professional Foaming Volumizing Mousse throughout the whole length of the hair and roots.


Rough-dry the hair upside down to maximize all over volume, with a hot air flow, until about 90 percent dry.


Then apply a small amount of Macadamia Professional Blow Dry Lotion to large sections, starting from the top and working your way down. 


Using a medium size boar bristle brush, round brush the hair in sections, pinning each dry section up with a clip to hold in volume while you move on to the next section.


After the hair is completely dry, take the pins down and brush the hair with a Macadamia Professional Paddle Brush, softly, so you don’t lose the volume.


Next, make a small, slightly off center part, then use a 1 3/4-inch round curling iron and in large sections, create soft waves in the hair, but only half way, leave the ends straight.


Spray each section with Macadamia Professional Control Spray.

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Finally, use your hand to break up the sections; the style should look easy and effortless.

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