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Last updated: February 12, 2018

Chrissy Teigen’s ’70s-Inspired Waves

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Glammed up and brushed out—we’re in LOVE with Chrissy Teigen’s ‘70s-inspired waves! The model, author and half of Hollywood’s favorite couple looked seriously stunning at the 2017 SAG Awards. This sexy, voluminous look was created by Chrissy’s go-to stylist, Giannandrea. So what does it really take to prep for the big night? We sat down with Giannandrea and got the deets on what happens leading up to the red carpet and how to get Chrissy’s sexy look! Check it out!



BTC: What was the inspiration for the look?
Giannandrea: The inspiration definitely came from the dress, which is black and tuxedo-y. The moment I saw her in that dress, it instantly brought me back to the ‘70s. I told her, we have to do big beautiful Yves Saint Laurent ‘70s waves, but not sleek Hollywood waves.


BTC: Was this the only look you had planned for the night, or did you have backups?
I did her hair the day before, too, and when we chatted about her dress, we decided waves would be best. I’m not a Plan B type of guy.


BTC: What was the creative process like? Did Chrissy help come up with the look?
Chrissy hugely trusts me and would let me choose a look for her with my eyes closed. She loves fashion just like me and was totally visualizing what I wanted to do. We talked about the ‘70s era, Studio 54, wdisco and YSL and had a fun little moment. We were kinda like ‘wouldn’t it be fun if it was that time again?’


BTC: Why did you decide to go with an all down style?
The all-black dress told me her hair really needed a moment. I wanted the hair to create a forward feature. Sometimes tuxedo dresses are a little masculine to me, so I needed to balance femininity and knew I could do that with her hair down. Her femininity has to be at the forefront to the audience.


BTC: When you’re getting glam with Chrissy, what is the energy like? Do you listen to music, catch up, etc.?
There’s music, there’s dogs, there’s John, there’s nachos, there’s talk about reality shows. We have fun and gossip––nothing serious, all light-hearted. It’s always beautiful energy between us. She’s real. She has such a persona. She’s grown so much in the media and is so fun and down to earth. She just likes to have good friends around. She’s a real girl and I love that about her. While she can be a riot, she does have a sharpness to her and presence which makes it even more worthwhile. She has a sharp mind and I love that.


BTC: What did Chrissy think of the final look?
She was enthusiastic about the outcome. You try on the dress without hair and makeup, so when you finally get to right before the red carpet and the vision comes to life and the elements come together, it’s really quite beautiful. John told her she looked beautiful. I know she felt it, but having her husband there to tell her that made the moment even more special.

Artist: Giannandrea

Products Used



 Start with wet, very conditioned hair.


Begin the process of taking the moisture out of the hair in segments. Use an infrared blow dryer to take moisture out without removing volume.


Dry the hair about 25 percent and brush with a paddle brush.


Apply TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Touchable Mousse section by section, from roots to ends. “The moisture helps the mousse give its best performance,” shares Giannandrea. Pro Tip: For more volume, use smaller sections at the crown and comb the hair in the direction you want it to go.


Dry the hair again but without a brush. Once it’s 25 percent more dry, use a bristle brush with large sections to dry all the way through. “This really amplifies the volume and seals the cuticles of the hair,” shares Giannandrea. “The brush and mousse combined allows the hair to stay shiny yet voluminous.”


Create a little part––not too deep on the side to avoid looking too retro. Brush back one side of her hair on the right. Then, use a 1-inch curling on medium sections to create the waves.


Next, stretch the waves by tapping between them with a ¼-inch flatiron. “Where the wave goes flat, just ‘tap tap’ in between the waves on the flat part while stretching,” shares Giannandrea. “I always used infrared technology because it’s important for overall health of the hair.”


Then brush the hair again with a Mason Pearson brush.


Brush her hair using your hands and apply TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Flexible Finish Hairspray to gently define. Then put in long light pressure clips for about five minutes to give it a good set without making any marks on the hair.

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To finish, have her walk through a “hairspray cloud.” “Have her walk in and out of it so not too much is applied at one time,” shares Giannandrea.  

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