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Last updated: December 10, 2020

Jessica Simpson’s Old Hollywood Waves

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There’s something about Old Hollywood glamour hair that never really goes out of style and who better to channel the look than singer Jessica Simpson. The mom-to-be looked radiant with her golden waves styled by celebrity stylist Giannandrea (@giannandreahair). Channel this look on some of your more glam clients with the step-by-step and products below.



Products Used



Start by shampooing the hair using Design.ME’s Puff.Me Shampoo. After rinsing, do not use conditioner.


Next, towel-dry the hair and apply Design.ME’s PowerDry.Me to the hair. Make sure you avoid the roots.


Use a large round brush to blow-dry the hair in large sections to create volume at the roots, while leaving the back and sides behind the ear flat.


Section the hair into large sections, spray with Design.ME’s Hold.ME Three Ways Hairspray on the light setting and set into large Velcro rollers. Let the hair set for 20 minutes.


Once the style has set, remove the rollers and gently brush out the hair with a paddle brush. Next, use a rattail comb to create a short and deep side-part.


Use a 1/2-inch curling iron to create waves around the face and round the hair in the back at the ends. Take the paddle brush and gently brush out hair one more time.


Apply Design.ME’s Puff.ME Light Volumizing Cloud Mist at the top of the hair and gently brush through. Try not to disturb the waves.


Enhance the waves using your hands and a rattail comb. The top should be rounded and pushed backwards on the sides to create waterfall waves.


Complete the look using Design.ME’s Hold.ME Three Ways Hairspray on medium at the top and sides for hold and gorgeous shine.

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