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Last updated: March 06, 2019

Three-Strand Infinity Ponytail

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Three-Strand Infinity Ponytail

Looking for a quick and easy beginner braid for your clients? Braid queen and BTC Team Member Alexandra Wilson (@alexandralee1016) has got you covered with this stylish three-strand infinity ponytail, which she describes as “a great technique for beginner braiders or when working with a lot of hair.” Take a peek at the video and grab the how-to below!


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Artist: Alexandra Wilson

Products Used


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    Spray hair with Biolage’s Frizz Control Styling Spray and brush through.

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    Leave a small section of hair out to start the braid on one side. Place the rest of the hair into three small ponytails to help gain control of the braid.

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    Take a portion of the left out hair and thread it over the first ponytail, under the middle ponytail and over the last ponytail. Then loop that same piece of hair around and under the last ponytail, over the middle ponytail and back under the first ponytail. 


    Stylist Tip: Use tension and push up each loop using your thumbs to keep the braid together.  

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    Grab another piece of hair and add it to the traveling strand. Loop the hair over the first ponytail, under the middle and over the last ponytail. Remove the rubber bands as you gain control and continue this step until you reach your desired stopping point. 


    Note: Add hair from the left and right of the outer sections as your traveling strand gets shorter and finer. 

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    Once you get to the last section, secure it with a rubber band.

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    Spray Design.Me’s Puff Me over the hair and lightly pull out for volume at the crown and at the looped section. 

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    Finished Look

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