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Last updated: October 26, 2018

Every Upstyle Should Start With This…

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Creating the perfect bridal style starts with the perfect foundation—which means creating PLENTY of volume so her ‘do lasts through the ceremony, the reception and a lonnggg night of dancing. Try these four techniques to build a solid foundation for your bridal styles.


Products Used


Volume Cheat? Tease & Crimp
Build even more volume on fine-haired clients by micro-crimping for extra texture and fullness. Once the hair has cooled, brush through with a paddle brush.




Backcomb Basics
For a killer foundation, begin with a texturizing powder or dry shampoo at the root (especially on fine or thin hair), then backcomb the whole head, section by section. This creates lift and a grippy base for pins to stay put. To achieve extreme texture and lift, Annette Waligora (@annette_updo_artist) likes to apply Design.ME Puff.ME volumizing powder before backcombing her curls.



Different Wavelengths
Use three to four different types of curling and waving patterns for your foundation. “You’ll lose volume if you curl in the same direction using the same technique,” says Stephanie Brinkerhoff (@hairandmakeupbysteph). Using different wave techniques will also make your finished look appear more organic and natural.



Waves for Days
Stephanie swears by the ghd Styler to create the perfect foundation for bridal styles. “It smooths and curls at the same time,” Steph says, “which helps your style stay put all day.” Plus, it can be used to create multiple curl patterns for maximum volume.