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Last updated: May 18, 2021

Styling: 3 Ways To Prep Updos

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3 Easy Tips To Up Your Updo Game

The artist behind some of your favorite boho updos and bejeweled braids on Instagram, 2018 #ONESHOT winner Shayla Robertson (@samirasjewelry), spilled some of her best prep secrets when she stopped by The BTC House in West Hollywood. Step up your styling game by checking out what she shared below, and then click here to get two upstyling how-tos from Shayla!



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1. Create Texture

For clients who come in with clean, silky strands, Shayla likes to crimp the hair first. Why? Not only does the added grit and texture help the style last longer, but it makes the hair easier to manipulate.


2. Follow Her Natural Part

How do you determine where to part the hair? Shayla says she typically asks her clients where they naturally part their hair. “I follow their natural parting because I don’t like harsh lines,” shares Shayla. “This will give you a softer look.”


Pro Tip: For an effortless look, use a tail comb to both part the hair on a diagonal toward where the hair naturally falls AND when sectioning off the hair to be teased.



3. Tease The Hair

Shayla likes to add volume by teasing the hair in a bricklay pattern. For each section, she’ll pull the hair up and apply a texturizing powder directly at the root. Then, she uses a tail comb to gently backcomb the base, keeping it lighter toward the front and heavier toward the back depending on how much volume is desired.


Note: Once the hair is teased, use a light hold hairspray to give the foundation a light layer of hold and to eliminate frizz.




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