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Last updated: November 07, 2019

5 Styling Tips For Long-Lasting Wedding Hair

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Instagram via @tonyastylist

5 Upstyling Tips For Gorgeous Winter Wedding  Hair

It’s time to refresh your stash of bridal hairstyles to fit the winter season and we’ve got you! This year’s #ONESHOT 2019 Hot Shot Upstyling Shot of the Year Winner Tonya Pushkareva  (@tonyastylist) gave us her best tips and go-to products to use when creating statement upstyles for the brides big day. Keep scrolling for her expert advice and to take a look at her updo style diagrams for some much needed hair inspo!

Products Used


1. Preparation 

The key to any successful updo is how you prep the hair. “Preparation is the key,” emphasizes Tonya. “Pay attention to preparation. Make clean, strong hair as a first step and then style.” She uses a holding spray in every hairstyle to prep strands before curling and even when styling to thicken the hair.


Instagram via @tonyastylist

2. Backcombing 

You can’t get effortless volume and height without backcombing, and the right volumizer can make the process easier. “I love [Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+® SESSION LABEL® Powder Cloud®],” remarks Tonya. “The powder is strong and invisible. It makes the hair thicker and helps me backcomb it easier.”



3. Create Texture

Building texture is a must when styling and it’s important to use a product with a nice hold so it lasts as long as the bride needs it to. “Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+® FLEXWAX Ultra Strong Cream Wax has a very strong fixation, which makes it possible to add different textures to any hairstyle. I work with the wax on thin strands to give them natural texture.”


Instagram via @tonyastylist

4. Use The RIGHT Hairspray 

There are so many different hairspray options and holds out there, but when creating custom updos it’s always good to have a versatile hairspray on deck. “Hairspray helps me to control hair and not to lose it while styling. This is one of the main products [I use],” says Tonya.


“[What hairspray you use] depends on the type of hair you’re working with and also on what hairstyle are you’re going to create. [Whether it’s a] bridal updo or something very simple for photoshoot. In general, I use [Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+® Session Extreme Hold Hairspray]. I feel better with control and can create what I want.”


5. The Clean Up

Once you’re done styling, Tonya emphasizes that the clean up is the most important thing to do. She prefers to use Schwarzkopf Professional’s OSiS+® Volume Up Booster Spray to lay down and fix any loose ends, but never when styling. “I work with this spray preferably at the end of my work. If you start working with it [when styling] you can get the effect of dirty hair.”


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Instagram via @tonyastylist

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