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October 30, 2018

The DNA Braid: 6 Tips To Perfecting It

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6 Things You Need To Know To Create The Perfect DNA Braid

The DNA braid is definitely one of THE most Instagrammable trends out right now. BTC Team Member and Design.ME Artist Alexandra Wilson (@alexandralee1016) popped over to THE BTC House in West Hollywood to give us a few pointers on how to create social media’s most coveted look. Stop by BTC University to get lifetime access to the full step-by-step video!


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1. The Prep Is Crucial

Before you start braiding, make sure the hair is prepped to get optimum results! Alexandra recommends using Design.ME’s Fab.ME leave-in conditioner and PowerDry.ME blow dry lotion to blow-out and flat-iron the hair for extra shine. Grip the hair easier by applying the Hold.ME hairspray before braiding.



2. Working With Fine Hair

Working with a client with fine hair? Add extensions to create a fuller braid. Also, go into the hair with the Puff.ME volumizing powder spray for gorgeous volume and hold that lasts.



3. Dimension Brings Out The Details

Make the DNA braid pop by adding extensions a shade lighter or darker to contrast with your client’s hair.



4. Tension Is Key

When braiding tension is extremely important. This is especially true with the DNA braid, because it starts to naturally twist part way through styling.A loose braid can unravel the entire plait and throw off placement.



5. Small Sections Look The Best

Alexandra tells us that the smaller the sections on the braid, the more intricate the hairstyle will look. This tip applies to any braided ‘do.



6. Handling Flyaways

If you notice any unruly pieces once you finish your braid, apply some hairspray to your fingers and tuck the hair back into place. If that doesn’t work, place a bobby pin into the braid to hold the hair into place.


Click here to get the entire step-by-step video of @alexandralee1016’s DNA braid!


Peep the finished braid below!

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