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Last updated: February 28, 2018

How-To: Badass Babydoll Bangs

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No doubt about it—everyone is LIVING on the fringe. So many of today’s hottest celebs are getting BANGED, so yeah, your clients? They’re going to come around asking. So you’re gonna need to know what’s up. And especially hot right now? Baby bangs are coming back with a vengeance!


As is true for any artist, before you can start making magic, you have to learn the basics. Some of the best creative work comes from the most technically sound foundations. True to form, after giving his curly girl Chloe a cute coiled pixie, stylist Tatum Neill knew there was a little artistic fine-tuning left to be had! Enter—the baby fringe.


Shaping curls can be tricky, but Tatum texturized his model’s chic cut quickly and easily with Baker’s De-Bulker—a trimmer with three unique texturizing guards. Each guard cuts channels in the hair, producing beautiful dimension and movement, making texturizing a precise, single-step process.


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Artist: Tatum Neill
Manufacturer: De-Bulker, @debulker

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    Round Out the Edges:
    First, identify the overly rounded edges in your cut. For Chloe, the roundness was on top of the head near the face, throwing the cut off balance.

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    Find the point of the curl where the movement is and lay the De-Bulker flat. Using the center section of the De-Bush guard, exposing the blades, lift the hair up and lightly run those strands against the blade, barely grazing.

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    Repeat this process on the other side of the head.

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    Badass Babydoll Bangs:
    Again, make sure that your fringe is as technically sound as possible. Touch up if you have to.

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    Take a section underneath the fringe, combing it down and clipping up the top section.

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    Use a fine-tooth comb and the De-Bob guard. Working under the hair, run the De-Bulker through the strands and pull out those ends.

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    Then lightly run through the top side of that lower section. Putting a little more texture into the fringe.

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    Unclip the top section and bring it down against the lower section, keeping the top section smooth but giving it that extra texture from the bottom.