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Last updated: October 24, 2022

Black reVITE Clipper

close formula

The Andis Black reVITE Clipper features a Fade blade for ultra-close cutting, with unbreakable aluminum housing. It lasts for years, so this can be your go-to tool for clipper-over-comb techniques, bald fading and freehand work.


The reVITE Clipper also includes a stainless-steel blade design, which combines the functionality of a removable blade and adjustable blade in one single tool. Conveniently switch between a Taper blade and Fade blade in seconds.


It has a large, textured grip to prevent slipping, with a tapered body to improve efficiency for all hand sizes. Plus, the new, high-speed rotary motor has Constant Speed Technology; meaning it won’t drag or stall in thick hair.


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MANUFACTURER: Andis, @andisclippers.

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