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Last updated: April 05, 2023

ANDIS® Global Education Team Welcomes 2 Female Barbers

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New Female Barbers Join The Andis® Global Education Team

Now totaling 44 educators across four continents, Andis® Company welcomes Sabra Clark (@saaabra) and Brea Retic (@breajcuts) to the Global Education Team. 


“I’m thrilled to add such incredible barbering talent to our roster of global educators,” says Andis® Global Education Manager Angie Perino. “Not only are Sabra and Brea fantastic advocates for barbering education locally, but most importantly, they are committed to bettering the next generation of barbers and stylists no matter where they’re from or what stage they’re at in their career.”


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As pro educators and barbershop owners, Sabra and Brea have unique experience and exciting remarks about their newfound home on the Andis® team. 

Meet Sabra Clark

As a California native, Sabra is a proud mother and owner of Straight to the Cut Barbershop. In addition to her shop, Sabra is also the founder of the SoCal Lady Barber Expo (@socal.ladybarberexpo), she was the lead barber educator at Bellus Academy from 2021 to 2022 and a six-time award-winning competitive barber. 


Sabra’s goal on the Andis® team:

Start a non-profit organization to empower women and femme people in the barbering industry. She wants to create a safe space for everyone to feel beautiful while developing their hair craft. 


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Meet Brea Retic

Owner of Brea J Cuts Studio in Atlanta and member of the SalonCentric Pro Team, Brea Retic adds Andis’ Global Education Team to her thriving repetiteur. 


With a passion for helping others, Brea volunteers at A Different Cut which educates and helps barbers to style young adults and children on the autism spectrum who may experience sensory overload when getting a haircut. A Different Cut prepares barbers to be well equipt for sensory-sensitive environments, giving peace of mind to stylists and clients. With this passion, leadership and drive to excel above the margin, Brea will surely be a powerful addition to the Andis® team. 


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