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Last updated: June 10, 2021

Are Your Tools Spreading Germs?

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5 Tips To Keep Clean In The Salon

As a stylist it’s your job to make sure your space and tools are squeaky clean for all of your clients. But, we know constant sanitizing can get old really fast, leading to short cuts in your routine which is a HUGE no-no. So to make your life easier, we’ve compiled five cleaning tips to help you work faster and smarter. Get the deets down below!


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1. Use Blade Solution To Clean Your Clippers

How often are you deep cleaning your clippers? If it’s been a minute, you might want to run them through a cap full of Andis Blade Care Plus. As seen in the video below, you never know what’s lurking inside.


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2. Place BARBICIDE® In A Spray Bottle

You don’t always have to immerse your tools in BARBICIDE® to sanitize them. Your state might allow you to use the product in a spray bottle instead! According to BARBICIDE® National Director of Industry Relations and Education Leslie Roste, BSN, RN, all you need is to dilute 2 ounces of BARBICIDE® in 32 ounces of water inside a spray bottle and seal. The solution becomes a closed system free of contamination, so you can use up the entire bottle until it’s gone. 


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3. Remove Product Residue From Floors With Ship-Shape

It’s wedding season and the brides are coming in hot for their updos, which unfortunately leads to sticky floors. BARBICIDE®’s Ship-Shape Comb & Brush Cleaner is your solution! Ship-Shape is designed to break down any resin and lacquer residue found in hairsprays. @deluxeondepot recommends placing Ship-Shape inside a mop with a liquid reservoir or bucket and cleaning between each client to avoid product buildup.


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4. Clean Hair From Your Brushes After Every Client

Your clients do NOT want to see someone else’s hair in the brush you’re using. Mickey Colon (@mickeycolonjr) says you should be cleaning your brushes after every client. He uses The Brush Cleaner™ from Olivia Garden to keep his brushes hairball free.


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5. Buy Brushes That Are Easy To Clean

Taylor Dellatorre (@taylordidmyhair) prefers to use Olivia Garden Brushes because they’re super easy to clean. Simply pinch the sides, pop out the cushion and sanitize the bristles and handle as needed. Once dry, put the brush back together and you’re good to go!


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