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Last updated: February 24, 2022

Creating Money Pieces On Curtain Bangs

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How To Create Money Pieces On Curtain Bangs

The ’70s and ’90s collide as the hottest trends are back and better than ever—together!


This year is all about bringing back trends from the coolest decades and we’re here with the how-tos. Ontario-based Sara Botsford (@sarabotsfordhair) shares her full technique for adding modern money pieces to the retro curtain bang style. 



1. Start With Diagonal Partings 

Angle off-center, instead of a straight part, to create a diagonal parting before weaving out highlights. Use this technique evenly on both sides of the head to create the layout for blended money pieces on the bangs. 



2. Create Depth & Dimension

Using Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+, paint 1 inch from the root using diagonal strokes. This creates depth at the root, accentuating the layered look of curtain bangs while adding brightness to the face frame!




3. Finish By Inching Back

Once the bangs are foiled, all foils on the top section of the head will be parted straight across. This top section will gradually increase lightener placement by a 1/2 inch from the root as you work your way away from the face. 

  • Begin closest to the hairline, lightly tease the root before foiling and paint lightener 1/2 an inch away from the root.
  • Working the foils back lightly tease the root again, now painting lightener 1 inch away from the root.
  • The back most section of foils will repeat the same technique, now painting 1.5 inches away from the root. 



Voila, a few tips that will keep your clients on trend all season long! Check out Sara’s IG video below for the full how-to:


Watch Sara’s Full Video Here!

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