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Last updated: October 20, 2022

Soft, Golden Blonde Pixie Bob

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Soft, Golden Blonde Pixie Bob

It’s not your average pixie…or bob for that matter! This multi-part look from Pivot Point International’s Meta 051 Collection has a strong shape complemented by soft feminine texture and radiant blonde tones. 

Who did it
Courtesy of Meta 051
Created by the Pivot Point International Team

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    The structure graphics show graduation on either side with solid nape lengths. An off-center diagonal section incorporates a combination of uniform and increase layers at the top and graduation at the back.

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    The nape is sectioned at the occipital with diagonal-forward partings on ether side. Begin in the nape with the head tilted forward. Use comb control and the notching technique to sculpt a concave line. Point the tips of the shears toward the center of the line.

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    Tilt the head forward. On the left side take a thick diagonal-back parting encompassing the front hairline.

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    Work toward the ear using the same technique. Continue using comb control and the notching technique following the established stationary design line.

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     Project straight up and sculpt with a deep notching technique to blend the sections and create additional softness. Work toward the back using the same technique.

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    As you reach the back, begin projecting the lengths at 90 degrees and continue to use a deep notching technique.

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    To blend the back lengths, use the top of the left nape section as a guide. Distribute lengths to the guide with medium projection.

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    Air form the hair and part the interior on the right side. Tilt the head slightly forward. Slide cut through the longer strands from the top to create a soft, textured point.

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    Start in the nape and apply a level 8, warm blond demi-permanent color with developer. On the left side, take diagonal-forward partings, apply a level 10 natural blond, demi-permanent color with developer from base to ends. Repeat on the opposite side. Move to the triangle at the front hairline and apply level 8 color from base to ends. Then, release the last section and apply level 9, golden blond demi-permanent color with developer from base to ends. Process, rinse, shampoo and condition prior to styling.

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