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July 11, 2018

Brunette Balayage: 4 Common Mistakes + How To Avoid Making Them

How To Avoid Making These 4 Common Brunette Balayage Mistakes

If it feels like your brunette balayages are a little lackluster compared to the ones you paint on blonde bases, you’re not alone. Below, we’ve got four tips from Jamie Sea (@prettylittleombre) that identify common mistakes colorists make when balayaging on brown-haired beauties + her solution for each. Keep scrolling for Jamie’s advice!



1. Less Is More

  • Know this: Over-painting is one of the most common problems when painting a brunette balayage.



2. Find The Right Tone/Lightness Level

  • Know this: A lot of brunettes will bring in photos of blondes as hair inspo.


  • Do this: Talk to clients about their complexion and how hair tonality can make or break their look, and then be sure to have photos on hand of enhanced brunette celebrities so you can give clients an appropriate visual representation.


3. Pay Close Attention To The Transition Area

  • Know this: The transition area, which is the area where color seamlessly blends from Zone 1 to 2 into Zone 3, is where most colorists struggle with hard lines.



4. At-Home Care

  • Know this: Your client needs to be educated on how to protect her investment and keep her hair’s health strong, which sets you up for success at your next appointment.


  • Do this: Take advantage of a retail opportunity and recommend a reparative system like SEVEN® haircare KENTE® BOND. The three-step system (shampoo, conditioner and a leave-in spray) is designed to deliver sustained benefits to damaged hair by repairing disulphide bonds, optimizing moisture retention and delivering supple shine.


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