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Last updated: November 25, 2020

Balayage: 3 Tips For Diffused Blends

Balayage Hair Painting Tips Brunette Balayage TIGI Copyright Freehand Blonder Lightener
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3 Balayage Application Tips For Diffused Results
Are you seeing spots in your balayage, getting uneven lift or finding that toning with ash isn’t always the best move? No worriesget the balayage refresh you need with three tips from TIGI® Professional USA Technical Education Director Renée Valerie (@renee.valerie). Just keep scrollin’ for painting techniques that will better your balayage blends for achieving that soft, natural-looking brightness clients want to see!


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1. How To Achieve Diffusion
To create soft and natural-looking balayage, especially around the hairline, diffusion is KEY. Are you using the proper backcombing technique for diffused results? Here’s what Renée suggests: Don’t excessively backcomb! After weaving out a section, avoid teasing the root to get a lot of volume. Gently backcomb the section (you should be able to easily comb the hair out) only to lift up the top layer before pinching and painting.


Balayage Hair Painting Tips Brunette Balayage TIGI Copyright Freehand Blonder Lightener


2. Splotchy Balayage Results?! Here’s A Tip!
Seeing spots near the roots in your finished balayage results? Try this: Always apply lightener AWAY from the scalp first. Why? If you apply to the roots of a weaved, balayage section and the meche movesthis may cause bleed marks at the roots.


  • Use This Sweeping Motion: Get rid of the product in the middle of the section first (Renée prefers balayaging with Copyright©olour True Light Freestyle Blonder Clay Lightener.) Then, when you feather up the lightener, you will get a more diffused result since there’s not as much product on the brush.


Balayage Hair Painting Tips Brunette Balayage TIGI Copyright Freehand Blonder Lightener


TAP HERE for Renée’s highlight & balayage technique for creating face-contouring brightness around the hairline!Balayage Toning Color Tips Hair Paint TIGI Professional Renee Valerie Wes Palmer @wesdoeshair



3. Toning BalayageWhen Ash & Cool Tones Aren’t The Best Fit!
What’s one of our clients’ favorite words to overuse? ASH. That’s why a creative consultationone that considers and communicates suitability for skin tone, underlying pigments and eye coloris super important. Cool tones aren’t flattering for everybody. Because many clients are scared of warmth, Renée recommends talking to them about brightness and visually explaining what colors will add shine to their natural textures.


TAP HERE to watch Renée break down her entire creative consultation process, plus see these balayage tips and MORE!

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