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Last updated: November 25, 2020

WATCH: Avoid Splotchy Hand Painting With @wesdoeshair’s Secrets

Hand Painted Balayage On Brunettes: Mistakes To Avoid

Is there anything worse than rinsing a hand painted masterpiece only to find splotches and bleeds? Wesley Palmer, aka @wesdoeshair, TIGI® Brand Ambassador, shows exactly how to avoid hand painting mistakes and shares his tried-and-true sectioning pattern for perfectly even, sun-kissed results. Here are Wes’ two secrets to avoid splotchy hand painting—get all of his technique and tips in the video above!



1. Strong, Even Tension

Hold each section with strength while you paint. Why? Strong tension gives a more even, solid surface to paint and prevents lightener from seeping through the section, which can cause blotches. Check out the video to see Wes’s tip for where to grasp each section and how to hold the hair for the cleanest result!


2. Product Choice & Consistency

Lightener mixed to a thin consistency can be to blame for splotchy results. Wes avoids this by using TIGI® copyright©olour True Light Freestyle Blonder, because the clay-based product gives him controlled, even lift. He mixes according to manufacturer recommendations at a 1:1.5 ratio for a toothpaste-like consistency that stays put where he paints it, meaning it won’t seep through sections.


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Before and After: Click the beaker for the formulas!

sunkissed brunette hand painted balayage for brunettes
open color formula
close formula
  • Formula A

    TIGI® copyright©olour True Light Freestyle Blonder + TIGI® copyright©olour Activator 40-volume/12%

  • Formula B

    TIGI® copyright©olour Gloss 9/21 + copyright©olour Activator 8.5-volume/2.55%


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