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Last updated: November 30, 2020

One Simple Trick To Make Hand Painted Balayage Better

How To Blend Hand Painted Balayage With A Brush @mickeycolonjr Olivia Garden iBlend Color Brush
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Don’t Skip This Step For Blended Balayage Applications

Brushing hair with bleach? It’s a thing. By now, you’ve probably seen hand painted balayage on Instagram—if not, here’s a refresher: this simply means using your hands to apply lightener instead of a color brush. Easy enough, right? But the KEY to blending and eliminating any gaps in your application is this simple trick from Mickey Colòn (@mickeycolonjr). Keep scrolling to learn how it’s done!


How Hand Painting Works

“With my hands I have more control,” says Mickey. “I can feel the consistency of the lightener.” This technique allows you to have a more seamless transition zone without having to tease the hair. Plus, you’re able to lift the hair to a bright, beachy blonde blend.


Watch The Technique In Action Below 👀

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Avoid Splotchy Balayage With This Trick

As Mickey applies lightener to each section with his hands, he runs the Olivia Garden iBlend Brush through the hair—he will even apply the lightener directly onto the brush! Here’s how and why it works: 


  • Why: This tool is designed to fully saturate lightener and color into the hair, and remove excess product and gaps for more natural blends. The brush features different teeth that help separate the hair and penetrate shallow and deep layers at the same time.


  • Where: This technique works best for blending the mids to ends.


  • How It Works:
    • Make sure to gently use the brush on wet hair.
    • Don’t just scrape the surface, but instead insert the brush through the section and brush down to full saturate.


Here’s Another Quickie To Show You How It’s Done!

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