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Last updated: May 14, 2021

No Toner Balayage: How To Create Low-Maintenance, Sun-Kissed Color

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No Toner Balayage Education: Tips For Creating Soft, Natural Highlights

Picture this: Your client wants to add some brightness to their existing base BUT can’t come back for a few months. How do you create blended, low-maintenance color? We had Matrix Brand Ambassador George Papanikolas (@georgepapanikolas) breakdown this toner-free balayage technique on BTC University. That’s right! NO. TONER. BALAYAGE. Click here to purchase the class and scroll down to peep everything you’ll learn with this online course! 



What You Will Learn:

In this online course, George breaks down everything you need to know for perfecting this balayage technique, including:


  • All things placement → sectioning → saturation


  • How-to create bright blends with a  combination of freehand painting and teasy lights.


  • George’s go-to color formulation using Matrix lightener for lifting and Biolage plant-based color to finish.


  • Placement and application tips for seamless grow out and touch up services. 


  • Time management tips for maximizing your time behind the chair. 


Slide For The Gorgeous Before & After!

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Have Questions? George Has Answers!

One of the benefits of watching a course on BTC University? Artists are able to answer your questions in REAL TIME! Here are some technical questions viewers had for George during his livestream:


Question: Is this technique only for bright clients or can this be done on someone that is starting with a Level 5?

Answer: “I definitely think you can do this on darker clients,” George explains, “Just be realistic with the client about the the tones they can expect.” In other words, don’t make promises that are unrealistic. “A Level 5 client shouldn’t have Level 10 highlights, that will look harsh and streaky,” explains George. “So take time to talk to your client about what they are able to achieve.” 


Q. Since this technique doesn’t require a toner, what are your tips for creating a blended, diffused transition area without a root smudge?

A. “For me, its all about artistry,” George explains. “That area should really be feathered and soft. You want to remember to be gentle when freehand painting that area and gradually get heavier with the application as you move to the mids and ends.” 


Tap The Beaker For George’s Formula Deets!

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  • Formula A (balayage highlight):

    Matrix Light Master Lightening Powder + 40-volume Matrix Cream Developer (process for 20 minutes)

  • Formula B (teasy lights):

    Light Master Lightener Powder + 20-volume Cream Developer (process for 20 minutes)

  • Formula C (shine gloss):

    1:3 Matrix Biolage Haircolor in Clear + Hot Water (process for 10 minutes)

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