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Last updated: August 07, 2018

Say NO To Blorange Balayage—Here’s How

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Is your balayage not looking as bright or as bold as you want it to? Are you using a clay-based lightener and wondering what you’re doing wrong? We went to balayage expert and our #BTCgirl @prettylittleombre for her take on creating bright and bold shades, plus we added in a few of her most-liked Insta pics for inspiration.





Did you know?

  • Clay-based lighteners only give about one to three levels of lift in an open-air application.


  • This means anyone who is a Level 6 or under can be left with blorange strands.


Get a brighter and bolder balayage—here’s how:

  • Insulate the hair while it processes. It can add an additional three to five levels of lift and offers the strength to work through unwanted pigments.


  • Paint with a non-clay lightener or use a foilayage technique. Switching the method of application or the products used can result in three to five levels of lift.  


  • Use a heat lamp. @prettylittleombre says to keep it on low, checking the progress every 10 minutes and leaving it on for a max time of 45 minutes. And remember, when using heat lamps, make sure to insulate the balayage. Otherwise, the clay-based lightener will dry out and stop lifting.



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