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Last updated: June 13, 2018

Balayage Surface Painting: 3 Things To Know

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A key part to staying on top of this ever-changing industry is knowing the latest techniques, like the art of surface painting. Unfamiliar with this new way to create dimension? Check out three need-to-know facts about surface painting from resident BTC balayage expert Jamie Sea, aka @prettylittleombre.



See how it works in the video below!


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1. Surface painting is a technique where only the surface of the hair is saturated, not the ends or underneath of each section.


2. This technique is perfect for guests who want an all-over bright glow, not clients looking for saturated brightness.


3. When choosing your section size, it is important to understand how much depth you will have remaining after the surface has been painted. This will be your built-in lowlight and will give you that dimension.


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