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Last updated: June 13, 2018

3 Balayage Problems—Solved!

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What do you do when colors won’t blend, when your root color bleeds into your perfectly blonde ends or when your foils leave a harsh line of demarcation? BTC’s resident balayage guru Jamie Sea (@prettylittleombre) answers these common balayage questions.



When Colors Won’t Blend  

To create an easy, natural blend, Jamie uses a wide-tooth comb. Apply the root shade from the scalp, down about 2 inches, then comb from the scalp down the hair shaft to pull the root shade down and blur the regrowth line.



When Roots Bleed  

To avoid a root color bleeding into blonde ends while combing through, take a piece of Saran Wrap, and wrap it around the lighter areas to protect them while melting the root color down.



When Foil Highlights Leave a Line of Demarcation

When a foil client wants a rootier, more hand-painted look, a root smudge can blend out the line of demarcation left from foil highlights. But know your client: if she loves to be blonde, start with a smaller root smudge and apply it in a teardrop-shaped section with the point of the teardrop at her hairline, leaving her blondest in the front.



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