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Last updated: April 20, 2021

Balayage: 3 Toning Tips To Avoid Splotches

3 Toner Application Tips For A Balayage Service

Splotchy toner can totally RUIN a perfect balayage. Learn how to ace the application and use a smudging technique for gorgeous blends from Matrix Brand Ambassador Sharon Spellman (@sharon.simplyinsane).


Keep scrolling to get the deets, plus check out the finished look and grab Sharon’s formulas! Then, make sure you watch the full video tutorial above for the entire technique!


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Avoid Splotchy Toner

Did you know that dry hair sucks in more color than wet hair? Applying toners  to hair that isn’t completely damp can result in splotchiness and an uneven finish. To ensure an even and sheer application, Sharon sprays the hair with water to make sure it’s completely saturated before starting the toning process.


Another way to avoid uneven toner is to use Matrix Unbreak My Blonde Bleach Finder. Lightener particles left in the hair can lead to a blotchy toner application, which costs you and your client time to correct. Bleach Finder helps to identify lightener in the hair after shampooing by turning pink, so you know to give the hair an extra rinse through before toning. 


Pro Tip: For even more insurance against splotchy balayage, apply toners in smaller sections. The bigger the section, the more difficult to saturate, which creates holes and warm spots.


Check Out The Before & After!

close formula


Use The Balayage Placement As A Guide

Want to try using multiple toners, but not sure how to start? Follow the placement of the balayage. Sharon sections off the money piece to save it for last. As she applies Formula A to the roots, she looks for where the highlights start in the section, then applies the root toning formula opposite to the lightened section. This leaves brightness in the front and depth in the back.


Next, apply Formula B on the mids only. Then, Sharon tackles the money piece and ends as the final application step to keep them as bright as possible.


Smudge The Lines For A Seamless Blend

The key to a flawless blend is to smudge the formulas together. Sharon goes about this in two ways—with a comb and by color melting. After Formula A is applied to a root section, use a comb to blend the color out by combing up and out. The elevation allows you to avoid dragging the root color to the ends while the line is blurred.


When applying Formula B, Sharon places the color with her brush making sure to follow the balayage placement and then color melts the two together slightly with her fingers. Once everything is applied, comb through the entire section once or twice for a seamless blend.


Pro Tip: If you’re not the fastest at toning, Sharon recommends applying the shadow root first, rinse and apply the end formula. You can even apply the end formula first, and then apply the shadow root. Do whatever works for you as long as your application is clean and organized.


Tap The Beaker For The Toning Formulas!

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  • Formula A (Roots)

    Matrix Color Sync Demi-Permanent 7NV + 10-volume developer

  • Formula B (Ends)

    20 g Color Sync Demi-Permanent 11V + 10 g  9GV + 5 g SPN + 10-volume developer


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