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Last updated: June 13, 2018

Start Taking Insta Pictures Like A Pro: 3 Tips From @prettylittleombre

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Beautiful hair + the perfect picture = your Insta success! Jamie Sea—aka @prettylittleombre to her Instagram 271,000 followers—not only slays her balayage blend every time, but she’s also mastered the art of photographing her best work. Social media is all about showcasing your talent behind the chair in front of the camera, so get started with these tips!



1. Make it an experience for your client.

  • It’s likely that most of your clients will be reluctant about having their face posted online, so focus on photographing the hair.
  • At the end of an appointment, Jamie leads with, “Your hair looks amazing. Would you mind if I snapped a few photos?” Then, she offers to photograph just the hair (without their face in it!) to make her clients more comfortable. Most of the time, the client will be excited when they see how amazing they look!
  • Offer to send them any of the photos you take! 


2. Keep the light natural.

  • The key to a great photo is finding the perfect lighting!
  • Taking pictures of your clients in the chair can result in shadows and poor lighting that doesn’t reflect how the colors actually look, so find your best indirect lighting.
  • Try going outside for optimal natural light!


3. Take multiple shots.

  • Take more than one photo! Whether it’s 20 or 200, you want plenty of options to choose from.
  • Shoot from a variety of different angles and poses.
  • Bring clothing props for your client to try. 


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