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Last updated: April 01, 2024

BTC “On Tour” Takes LA

It’s an education-filled day unlike any other. BTC handpicked 15 of the very best artists in coloring, cutting and styling to bring you a curated day of tips and techniques you can immediately use behind the chair—and we do it all in a historic theater. For our second BTC “On Tour,” we took over the Orpheum Theatre in downtown LA, and our West Coast community turned out! See all that went down!

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At BTC, we do things different. That means taking over the historic Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles and handing it over to 15 artists, handpicked for their incredible skill (and hilarious personalities), transforming the lobby into a place where 1,300 of our friends can snap photos and bond together, and having a total blast onstage while also offering the highest quality education you can find. And that’s what we did at the second BTC “On Tour,” with an amazing lineup you can’t find anywhere else.


BTC goes hard wherever we are. Our special marquee messages were #goals!


Here’s who was there: @justinandersoncolor, @prettylittleombre, @mattyconrad, @markbustos, @sarahpotempa, @hairandmakeupbysteph, @naeemahlafond, @majormoonn, @alix_maya, @manicpanictish, @manicpanicsnooky, @hairgod_zito, @rebeccataylorhair, @philipwolffhair, @domdomhair. Yep, all in one place, all on our stage.


We dress to impress. Peep Kevin’s adidas…hilarious.


Hosted by BTC Founder and Creative Director Mary Rector-Gable and Social Media Director Kevin Givens, there was an energy in the room that’s hard to describe—our attendees tell us the passion, positivity, inspiration, brilliance and refreshing #realtalk make BTC shows stand out. “Nothing makes me happier than being surrounded by those who not only live my life but speak my language,” @labor_of_love_bymo_e said on Instagram. We agree. Check out the whole day!



You never know what will happen onstage…
those dinosaurs are Mark Bustos and Matty Conrad!

Flip through all the pics from BTC “On Tour”!


Mary’s Morning Inspiration
Mary always serves a dose of incredible inspiration, and this was no exception. Check out her full presentation!

But First…
We. Went. Selfie. Crazy. Everyone got a chance to take a pic with their fave artists before the stage presentations began, and some of you even jumped onstage!


Mark Bustos and Matty Conrad
After taking the stage in T-rex costumes (yes, that really happened, and yes, it was really funny), men’s grooming experts Mark Bustos and Matty Conrad dropped men’s grooming tips and tricks you can’t get anywhere else.


@markbustos and @mattyconrad


Hair by @markbustos


Hair by @mattyconrad


Sarah Potempa
Sarah’s well-known as the inventor of the Beachwaver®, but in case you didn’t know, she’s also been an in-demand celeb stylist for 15 years. She demoed her Victoria’s Secret signature beachwaves, plus gave us sick braids and an incredible Hollywood roller set cheat.



Models by @sarahpotempa


Hair by @sarahpotempa

Danny Moon
He started the graffiti hair trend on celebs like Kanye West, so we brought Major Moon onstage at our show to demo them himself. “Coachella can be every day,” Danny said about his crazy colorful looks. “Why wait to have fun? Why wait to light up?” 


Jamie Sea and Justin Anderson
Every client wants to be blonde, whether it’s just a touch with balayaged pieces or a full-out foil. @prettylittleombre (aka winner of the 2016 #ONESHOT Hot Shot Ombré Shot of the Year) and Justin Anderson (one of Hollywood’s hottest blonders), talked us through their signature techniques.



Hair by @prettylittleombre


Want more Jamie? Get her 4-video series on BTC University!




Naeemah LaFond
amika global artistic director and texture guru Naeemah LaFond, created a stunning upstyle in five minutes while the crowd counted her down and cheered her on. It was super fun and high-energy, just like amika (and the free products thrown into the crowd were pretty awesome, too).



Get Naeemah’s braiding secrets with her webinar!
Braids: Beyond the 3-Strand
Monday, May 15


The crowd during @naeemahlafond’s presentation


Models by @naaemahlafond


Stephanie Brinkerhoff
BTC’s go-to perfectly imperfect bridal expert, the real @hairandmakeupbysteph makes every stage her own. This time around she created four absolutely perfected bridal upstyles and left the crowd in awe. Her. Work. Is. Flawless.



Hair by @hairandmakeupbysteph


Models by @hairandmakeupbysteph


Manic Panic and Alix Clymer
The original badass babes of color, Manic Panic Co-Founders Tish and Snooky, took the stage for an exclusive interview with Mary. Plus, their new Artistic Director Alix Clymer (aka @alix_maya, founder of @theunicorntribe!) joined them and presented three absolutely stunning rainbow color creations.

Manic Panic founders Tish and Snooky with Mary


Models with @alix_maya

Hair by @alix_maya


b3 Brazilian Bond Builder/Brazilian Blowout

You know how much fun you have when you’re with all of your friends in the salon? That’s how it felt to watch the B3 team onstage. Director of Education Alfredo Lewis led the teamRebecca Taylor, Philip Wolff and Rickey Zito—through the best in pastels, metallics, rainbow melts and styling.


Mustafa couldn’t be with us as he had to have emergency appendicitis surgery the night before! So we FaceTimed him from stage so we could all say hello! We don’t forget our BTC family! We love you Mustafa! @mustafaavci @alfredo_lewis @marybehindthechair #btcfam #behindthechair

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@philipwolffhair and BTC friend @glamiris!




By @rebeccataylorhair

Celeb Stylist Panel
Mary and Kevin Givens, BTC Social Media Director, got celeb stylists Sarah Potempa, Danny Moon, Dominick Serna and Justin Anderson to spill the deets on their celeb clientele and how to make it in the celebrity styling, cutting and coloring biz.


The celebrity panel


Justin (@justinandersoncolor) gave us the deets on Katy Perry’s current crop. “Her hair was fried, so I had to be honest,” he said. “I told her, ‘I want to work with you, but I don’t want to be the one to fry your hair off!'” He used 10-volume on a test strand and…the hair FELL OUT. “I was shaking,” Justin said. “I wanted to run to my car and drive home.” But the story has a happy ending: Katy knew the risk because of Justin’s communication and loved the idea of rocking a chic pixie.


@domdomhair and @justinandersoncolor


Mary, Kevin, @sarahpotempa and @majormoonn


We’ll See You In Austin!
Those who have been to a BTC show know that they’re different than your typical industry show. The energy in the room is always something special because we support you and you support each other—and COLOR, Cut & Style is the ultimate example of this energy. We’ll see you in Austin, Aug. 20-22, and this time it will be for three days! Get your tickets now!




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