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Last updated: September 18, 2018

4 Things To Know When Creating Customized Color

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4 Things To Know When Creating Customized Color

When the Farouk Systems, Inc. team takes THE BTC SHOW stage, you know they’re about to drop some hot haircolor education—and this year was no different. With the launch of CHI Chromashine, we were dying to see how Farouk artists Anna Cantu and Rocky Vitelli and BTC Team Members Megan Schipani and Alix Maya would use the collection to create some stunning customized color. Want to up your color game by learning how to customize color for the clients in your chair? Keep reading for the four things you should know…


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1. Leave Some Pieces Uncolored



When working with, and layering, multiple colors, don’t be afraid to experiment by leaving out a few pieces of prelightened hair from the interior. Later, when shampooing, let the color marinate on the uncolored strands so it stains. This techniques gives those interior pieces a different affect when compared to the rest of the hair and is an easy way to create subtle dimension.


2. How To Make Pastels Longer-Lasting



While pastels are great for providing depth throughout, the problem is that they’re known for fading after just one to two washes. That’s why Rocky’s secret weapon for creating long-lasting pastel shades is Chromashine Pearl White. Unlike clear and conditioners, Pearl White won’t dilute your color. It’s formulated just like the eight other shades in the collection, so it’ll lighten up any color you mix it with while also providing that long-lasting tonality Chromashine is designed to have.


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3. The Secret To Seamless Melts



Hands down, one of the biggest concerns colorists have when color melting is ensuring the blend between shades is so seamless that it’s nearly impossible to tell where one finishes and another starts. So how does Megan, aka @shmeggsandbaconn, do it? With clear. She likes to place clear between shades to ensure there is no harsh line giving away the fact that they are two separate tones.


4. The Ideal Black For Geometric Painting



Want to practice painting geometric patterns but in need of the ideal black shade to act as empty space? Look no further because Alix has your solution. Her go-to for creating the perfect and rich black is to layer Chromashine Onyx over CHI Iconic Shine Shades 1N


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