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Last updated: June 01, 2022

Interested In Getting A BTC Content Box? Read This!

How To Get A BTC Content Box BTC Team Social Media Best Practices and Tips Caption Writing Tips
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BTC Content Boxes: Pro Tips To Get Noticed On Instagram

By now, you’ve seen BTC Content Boxes all over Instagram and you’re probably wondering—what exactly is a content box and how do I get one? We teamed up with our Influencer Marketing Team @haleygable, @chrissylan and @caitlyn_cummings to share all of the deets, best practices for getting noticed AND a survey, so we can get to know you more. Keep scrollin’ for everything you need to know!


What Is The BTC Content Box?

The BTC Content Box is the first step in getting noticed for The BTC Team. By receiving one of these boxes, it tells you that WE SEE YOU and us that you’re interested in exploring a different side of what the industry has to offer—like being an educator, working with brands and taking things to the next level!


Boxes include sample products from different brands, giving you the opportunity to play with the products you receive and post if you love them. 


Interested In Receiving A BTC Content Box?

Join the shortlist by letting us know you’re interested! CLICK HERE to fill out the BTC Content Box survey.


Disclaimer: Filling out the survey does not guarantee that you will receive a BTC Content Box, but it’s a great way to connect with the Influencer Marketing Team, so we can get to know you more. 


What The BTC Team Is Looking For 👀

The BTC Team was created to bring together a group of like-minded individuals that propel each other forward with positivity, support and teamwork. We’re doing everything possible to share our platform with these education-focused artists to help better the industry day after day and share content. One of the ways to get noticed for The BTC Team is to explore Content Creator boxes—and the premise of what we’re looking for is the same: positive, motivated stylists who love to educate and thrive on opportunity.


Our best piece of advice is to put your best foot forward and keep doing you! We’re constantly searching for new talented artists, and the tips in this article will help steer you in the right direction. Not sure if your profile is what we’re looking for? Check out BTC’s Social Climbing show for 10+ hours of social media training ONLINE and a digital workbook. You will learn more in 10 hours of education than ever before and it’s a great way to start challenging yourself more and more on social.


Social Climbing is now 50% OFF! Click here to watch online + download a digital workbook to take notes.


Pro Tips To Get You Noticed


  • Be consistent in your posting: 2x a week minimum(ish!)
  • Educate in your captions 
  • Make sure to have your salon location in your bio 
  • Use hashtags: #behindthechair #btcfirstfeature
    • The hashtag #btcsampling is only used for box-related content. Please don’t spam this hashtag if you haven’t received a box—we NEVER look there to find new content creators!
  • Don’t get discouraged! If you don’t get a box, keep posting, networking and making connections.


Example Posts That Caught Our Eye!

Why? Because these posts have clear, educational captions.


How To Get A BTC Content Box BTC Team Social Media Best Practices and Tips Caption Writing Tips


How To Get A BTC Content Box BTC Team Social Media Best Practices and Tips Caption Writing Tips


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