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Last updated: May 10, 2018

Social Media Stars Share 8 Ways To Slay On Instagram

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Social media—if you’re not already using it to grow your biz, it’s time to start NOW. Social platforms (like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!) are your go-to tools for marketing yourself, growing clientele and building success. We caught up with three social media stars—Alix Maya (@alix_maya), Ashley Lewis (@the_blondologist), and Julie Acosta (@julieacosta_rch)—who took the work they were creating at their independent Sola Salon Studios and found MAJOR success online. 


Just follow these 8 tips and start killing it on social media! 



1. Make The Time
If you don’t take the time to be active on social media, it’s not going to happen. “I’m up at three o’clock in the morning posting photos,” shares Alix. “You can’t expect to gain a following if you’re not willing to put in the work.” Make yourself present on social media if you want to be noticed.


2. Take Quality Photos
It’s all about the quality of your work and the photos you post. “If you’re taking a picture and there’s a messy background or there’s stuff everywhere, it’s not going to strike anybody,” shares Alix. “So find your own artistic style and invest in a good camera.” Don’t have a lot of cash? Use your iPhone to shoot outside (natural light!) on a clean background and make it WERK.


Alix takes quality photos to elevate her art and to stand out on Instagram. 


3. Find Your Light
Lighting is key to creating and posting quality photos. “Unfortunately, I’m in a studio that has no windows, so I have zero natural light, so investing in a great ring light really took my pictures to the next level,” shares Ashley.


4. Do What’s Best For You
Know what keeps you happy, successful and passionate in all aspects of business. “My social media following didn’t take off until I became independent and really took control of where I wanted my career to go,” shares Ashley. “I was able to reignite my passion for the industry, and being able to really market myself in social media for exactly what I love to do was very empowering.”


5. Brand Yourself
Hone in on your speciality and brand yourself. “I am passionate about blondes, so when I moved to an independent studio, I stopped taking male clientele, I didn’t offer perm services or extensions any longer, and I really focused on myself,” shares Ashley. After you’ve found your niche, then work to set yourself apart from the others.


Ashley specializes in blondes, so she only posts the type of work she wants to create behind the chair. 


6. Instagram Is The New Google
Make yourself easy to find. “I find that the younger generation is now using Instagram as Google or a search engine, and they’re looking for tags that are associated with their city or if you’re a balayage or blonde or vivids specialist,” shares Ashley. Use hashtags and geo-track yourself to seek out your desired clientele.


7. Keep It Together
Don’t forget to brand your photos, so they always trace back to you. “In every photo that you post online, make sure that your name, your website and your Facebook link or Instagram account is on the photo,” shares Julie. “That way, no matter where those photos go, your name is attached to them.”


Julie makes herself easy to find by keeping all of her info on every photo she posts! 


8. Join The Online Community
It’s important to engage with other stylists and product companies if you want to stay relevant on social. “Always like other people’s things, comment on other posts, build up other stylists,” shares Julie. “If you build up other stylists, they’re going to help build you up too.” By tagging accounts and product companies, you will help bring attention to your work and be a part of a bigger community for better engagement!