Transitioning From Foils To Balayage [VIDEO + FORMULA] Transitioning From Foils To Balayage [VIDEO + FORMULA]
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Last updated: November 06, 2018

Transitioning From Foils To Balayage [VIDEO + FORMULA]

Transitioning from foils to balayage by @prettylittleombre
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Your foil-devoted client comes in and says she’s ready for a root smudge and balayage. How do you handle a client transitioning from foils to balayage? Jamie Sea, aka @prettylittleombre, has some tips you have to try.

The Consultation: Turning Highlights Into Balayage

First thing’s first when doing a foil conversion: there are many ways to do it, but the end result will always depend by your client’s hair goals, their existing color and their hair integrity. That means that the consultation is crucial. “Consult first, see if the end goal is appropriate for the guest, and talk about realistic expectations.” Jamie says.

You’ve also got to know your guest. Some clients love being very blonde. “In this case, bringing in a darker root might be tricky,” Jamie says. “I would suggest smudging the root down in a teardrop section and keeping the brightest blonde right around their face.”

Transitioning From Foils To Balayage

Watch Jamie knock out this heavy foil conversion. She started with a Level 7 and took her to a Level 9/10.


Color Formulas

  • Formula A (color melt): Joico LumiShine 7BA + 10-volume developer
  • Formula B (paint): Scruples POWER BLONDE Balayage Clay Lightener + 10-volume developer + b3 Brazilian Bond Builder

Balayage Application

  1. Apply Formula A and comb through the line of demarcation left by the foils.
  2. After painting with Formula B, blur the two formulas together. End result: no lines!


Remember, oversaturation may be a factor. Take into consideration what level you are working with. Level 1-4 = red— level 5-7 orange— level 8-10 yellow.


Don’t stop here! Discover how to eliminate lines of demarcation and create the perfect balayage blend:

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