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Last updated: November 25, 2020

4 Ways to Eliminate a Line of Demarcation

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What’s the fastest way to gain a client’s trust? Blend out her harsh line of demarcation to create seamless color like she’s never had before, and she’ll be a client for life! Jamie Sea (@prettylittleombre), a 2016 BTC #ONESHOT WINNER and creator of Balayage Badass, a best-selling 3-video series on learning balayage (get it now!), and  is an expert at seamless blends, so we asked her for her top tips for erasing lines during a color correction.



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Instagram via @hairdyeing


1. When In Doubt, Demi It Out

Use a demi permanent color within two shades of your client’s natural color, and overlap the line of demarcation at least ¼ inch. Here, Jamie paired this technique with micro foils.



2. Backcomb Basics

Backcomb the hair, then paint lightener on the non-backcombed ends to create a blurred effect.




3. Dual Brush Foiling

To create the softest foil line, Jamie uses one brush to heavily load lightener on the midlengths to the ends. Then she uses a DRY brush to work the existing product upward. 

4. Micro Root Smudge

Jamie uses this technique to soften foil lines, and it also helps create low-maintenance, longer-lasting looks.