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Last updated: June 13, 2018

3 Tips To Slay The Blend

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Balayage—it’s all about that seamless blend and natural-looking, graduated effect that keeps your clients coming back for more. There’s no time like now to start perfecting your blend and killing the balayage game, so start with these three major tips from Jamie Sea (@prettylittleombre) and start painting!



1. Your brush is your best tool. Use a light hand while painting and let your brush do the work for you. For your best balayage, it’s all about how you paint the hair.


2. With lightener, less is more—don’t apply it heavily. “I always say it’s a lot easier to build lightener onto the hair than having to go back and wipe off too much,” shares Jamie.


3. Are you seeing hard lines in your balayage? Focus on perfecting your transition area to avoid harsh lines and create a seamless blend.


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