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Last updated: July 19, 2018

How-To: Heavy Balayage, Level 5 Base

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OK, sit down, grab a notebook and get ready to have your mind blown. @prettylittleombre (Jamie Sea) was live with BTC on Facebook for an exclusive close-up look at her signature balayage technique on Level 5/6 hair with old, chunky highlights. More than 2,400 people tuned in live to watch her answer their top balayage questions, and the 90-minute video is packed with tips, tricks and techniques. Jamie is an incredible educator, and there are two ways you can learn even more from her! Check out Jamie’s exclusive four-video balayage series on BTC University



But first, watch this crazy informative, close-up how-to of how Jamie took this brunette client to a light, bright balayaged babe. Some tips we think you should definitely know:


  • Jamie starts with 40-volume developer mixed with Scruples POWER BLONDE Balayage Clay Lightener and b3 Brazilian Bond Builder for protection. “This lightener has a little bit of tackiness to it, so it lays on the surface better,” she shares.


  • When she gets to the other side of the head, she bumps up that developer to Trionics Higher & Higher, which is a 50- to 80-volume (again, with b3 for protection). She uses high-volume developers because in her experience, clay-based lighteners don’t cause a lot of damage and typically only lift a maximum of five to six levels.


  • Jamie uses a 2-inch chip brush from the hardware store—NOT a traditional color brush. Why? “It’s natural bristles on natural hair,” she says. “It blurs a thousand times easier.” You can get the same brush for about a buck at Home Depot!



Ready? Watch the whole video!



And here’s the final look! Toned with Redken Shades EQ 9V + 9N + 9RB for 10 minutes.



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