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Last updated: February 26, 2018

Boost Your Profits With Hair Masks—Here’s How

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Clients use face masks religiously to hydrate their skin…it’s time they try—and stick with—a hair mask to hydrate their locks! And that’s not all, hair masks are also a great way to boost your profits at the salon. We’ll explain how below.


Offer It As An Add-On Service
Masks are trendy and quick—explain that the service will only take about 10 minutes to turn dry, brittle strands into healthy and hydrated locks that will last up to three washes.


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Offer It As A Take-Home Product
If your client doesn’t want to try the mask out in your chair, send her home with it! It’s great on a winter day when hair is dry and needs extra attention. Plus, they are easy to use on your own.


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Check out this incredible before-and-after using the new All Soft Mega Mask—a hair mask from Redken designed to increase moisture and hydration—and get a closer look on the product below!


  • The All Soft Mega Mask is a two-in-one hair mask that is both an intense conditioner and care extender, and it’s designed specifically for dry, brittle hair.
  • It comes with a dual chamber mega mask, and the results last up to three washes.
  • It’s infused with a RCT protein complex that treats hair from its root to its core to its tip, giving all three levels the custom nourishment they need while also restoring softness and shine.
  • It’s works well as an add-on service in the salon or as a take-home product to keep clients’ hair hydrated between appointments.


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