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Last updated: August 11, 2023

7 Tips To Upgrade Your Salon On A Budget

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7 Pro Tips & Essentials To Refurbish Your Salon Space

Whether you’re new to the salon game or have been an owner for years, redecorating can be a little intimidating. It can be a challenge to know what needs to be replaced and when—and how to do it on a budget. We’re providing a realistic guide for how you can give your salon some TLC without breaking the bank.


Keep scrolling for a list of stylish yet budget-friendly salon must-haves from Minerva Beauty—and where to start first!


1. Recognize when it’s time to refresh some areas in your salon.

A salon makeover doesn’t always have to be a big change. Sometimes, all it really needs are some small, affordable updates—like a fresh coat of paint—that don’t necessarily revamp the entire space. Remember: If you’re thinking of a makeover, the best thing to do is to focus on the areas with the highest stylist/client impact. 


Here are some cues that your salon may benefit from a refresh:


  1. Your salon feels crowded and there isn’t any room for growth.
  2. You don’t have enough storage.
  3. Clients are opting for salons with trendier aesthetics.
  4. You feel as though you and your business have outgrown the space.
  5. You want your salon to have a new look because it feels outdated to YOU.


Here are some small investments that can make a big change:

Mobile Stylist Cart in Black. Photo Credit: Minerva Beauty


Chairs, stations, floating displays—Minerva Beauty has it all. Shop now!


2. Tailor your budget by evaluating what really needs to be updated.

Where does your salon feel the most unkempt, or could cause stylists and clients any discomfort? Make sure to note any vital equipment that needs to be restored. This will help you budget by determining what needs to be invested in now and what can be pushed until later.


Once you’ve figured out which areas of your salon need the most improvement, you’re ready to set your budget. Try to be flexible with your price to accommodate any last-minute changes. If you plan on buying new furniture or equipment, remember you can use salon equipment financing to offset the upfront cost!


Cracked, broken or dull shampoo bowls? Minerva Beauty has a replacement for every budget.

Shop the Montego Pedestal Shampoo System in Brushed Nickel. Photo Credit: Minerva Beauty


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3. Update your reception area to make clients feel more at home.

As soon as your clients walk through the door, what do they see? Your reception area is their first look into who you are and what to expect, so it needs to be welcoming, impactful and tailored to your service menu. We recommend:


  • Investing in stylish reception desk that reflects your overall aesthetic. You’ll be surprised about how quickly your salon gets its facelift with a few new pieces of furniture.
  • Choosing relax-worthy waiting room chairs that allow guests a comfortable stay.
  • Adding a layer of fresh paint. You’d be surprised at how a new paint job can breathe a new life and look into a salon.
  • Including a few plants to freshen up a chic, modern space. Click here for a list of the best salon-friendly plants!


Swipe to see the front and back of this Martinique Reception Desk by Minerva Beauty!

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4. If you can’t expand your space, invest in storage that declutters with style.

Storage doesn’t have to be resigned to an overflowing closet or plastic bin. A great way to clear the clutter while adding to your salon decor is to consider stylish shelving. Not only are shelves aesthetically chic, but they’re also perfect for organizing products and clearly displaying retail assets to your clients. 


Pro tip: For smaller spaces, opt for floating shelving units to save a ton of floor space!


Show off your favorite take-home products with this Minerva Beauty Sakura Wall Mounted Retail Display:

Photo Credit: Minerva Beauty


5. Make sure your salon stations are clean and maneuverable.

Think of it this way: What does a station need to help stylists work most efficiently? Remember, the faster stylists are able to service your clients, the more clients the salon will be able to book! It all comes down to how stylists are able to operate behind the chair. A brief checklist includes:


  1. Enough storage
  2. Plenty of space for tools
  3. A place to tuck away or display personal items
  4. A cart or trolley on hand for extra maneuverability
  5. A sizable mirror that doesn’t distort visuals


Pro tip: Anti-fatigue mats help stylists carry the burden of being on their feet all day. You can help alleviate some of the stress on their feet, legs and backs by placing these around each salon station. 


Browse full, floating and mobile salon stations at Minerva Beauty.

Minerva Beauty’s Tuscano Tower Styling Station. Photo Credit: Minerva Beauty


Carts and trolleys can help stylists stay organized while cutting, coloring and styling.

Check out the Verona Salon Trolley in Cappuccino. Photo Credit: Minerva Beauty


Choose a salon station with a connecting mirror, or mix and match for a more custom aesthetic.

The Talbot Round Mirror in Brushed Gold by Minerva Beauty. Photo Credit: Minerva Beauty


6. Update salon seating to keep your stylists and clients comfortable.

Whether a client is sitting through a short cut or a five-hour foiling service, you want to make sure they’re comfortable for their entire stay. Stylists also benefit from having a salon chair that can be easily adjusted when servicing. Plus, shiny new chairs are a sure way to make your salon feel more like a home-away-from-home.


Pro tip: Apply the same principles to the shampoo bowl for maximum efficiency! 


Click to shop this Vantage Salon Styling Chair in Saddle from Minerva Beauty. Photo Credit: Minerva Beauty


Shampoo in comfort with a Clermont Lounge Shampoo Chair, courtesy of Minerva Beauty:

Photo Credit: Minerva Beauty


7. Rethink your layout to make room for any dream add-ons.

Is that mini mani station still in the back of your head? Adding a new area to your salon can be made so much easier by changing up its floor plan. For instance, to add a makeup bar near front of the salon, scale back your reception area—whether that means opting for a smaller desk or floating retail displays.


If you plan on bringing in any new equipment, try Minerva Beauty’s 2D Design Tool to lay out your salon virtually (no heavy lifting required!)


Pro tip: Some salons choose to trade their washer and dryer for eco-friendly disposables so they can have a designated space for extra services, like brows and lashes!


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