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Last updated: November 11, 2020

Minerva Beauty Offers New Financing Option With Amerifund

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Minerva Beauty Partners With Amerifund To Offer New Financing Option

Minerva Beauty just announced new equipment financing options and potential tax advantage ideas! Learn all about the new options salon pros have for buying equipment through Minerva’s new partnership with Amerifund.


What’s Amerifund? Amerifund has provided quick approvals and customized financial solutions for businesses both small and large for over 25 years. 


Here’s How It Works

  • For Minerva purchases $7,500 and up, Amerifund will help business owners access quick and easy funding for new salon and spa equipment with tailored, affordable payments.


  • Simply fill out a quick two-minute application. Customers will know their approval status in hours.


  • Once approved, Amerifund will customize a payment plan at the lowest rates available.


  • Clients will receive 100% financing to minimize out of pocket costs with no bank restrictions, liens, rate escalation clauses or “call” provisions.


“Minerva Beauty is proud to partner with Amerifund so we can help our customers achieve the salon or spa of their dreams,” says Jeff Grissler, Minerva Beauty Director of Corporate Relations. “With the current evolution of the salon and spa market, we realized the need for quick and easy solutions with stress-free approvals for our customers.”


Additionally, Minerva Beauty customers that finance equipment in 2020 may also reap tax advantages. As long as the equipment is installed and put to use in the 2020 calendar year, salon owners may be able to write off 100% of the cost for 2020.


Note: Please seek advice from your tax professional regarding tax advantages for the 2020 calendar year prior to making your purchase.


“Amerifund looks forward to its working relationship with Minerva Beauty in helping their customers get the best funding possible for salon and spa equipment and furnishings,” says Terry Sheffield, Amerifund Inc. Senior Account Manager. “If your salon, spa or booth rental space needs equipment, Amerifund offers financing solutions to set you on the right path with the simplicity to make your equipment purchase as seamless as possible.”

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