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Last updated: March 24, 2023

Minerva Beauty & ECOHEADS Collab Boosts Salon Sustainability

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Minerva Beauty x ECOHEADS: This Salon Sprayer Saves Water & Energy

The push for sustainability in the beauty industry has been a driving force for innovation in salons everywhere. In a bid to help that movement, Minerva Beauty has partnered with ECOHEADS to help hair salons, suites and barbershops slash water and energy use by as much as 65 percent. How?


The ECOHEADS Sprayer, a unique salon spray nozzle that filters impurities and boosts pressure while still conserving water. (Sounds like a win-win to us!) This innovative nozzle will be on display at the Minerva Beauty warehouse located in Monroe, Georgia—the largest showroom in North America.


Did you know just one ECOHEADS Sprayer saves over 390 bottles of water each day? Check it out:

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ECOHEADS is designed for the fast-paced salon environment.

From the very beginning, ECOHEADS has placed sustainability first. The company has saved over 5.5 billion gallons of water to date and contributed toward building a well in El Salvador through their Save Water Give Water campaign—an achievement over three years in the making.


The eco-friendly spray nozzle itself was specially crafted to be an asset to each and every salon. It is the very first spray nozzle to deliver these benefits all at once:


  • Deliver improved water pressure
  • Reduce water usage
  • Cleanse the water using a two-step filtration process. Not only does this ensure your rinse is clean, but it also adds negative ions to the water with tourmaline.


“We are delighted to work with the Minerva Beauty team to offer the ECOHEADS upgrade to their customers,” says ECOHEADS North America’s Valorie Tate. “We know this partnership with Minerva [Beauty] will accelerate the positive impact the beauty industry is making on the planet and its people.”


Cleaner water = happier hair!

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This partnership highlights Minerva Beauty’s values.

ECOHEADS Sprayers are a huge step toward making it easier and more cost-effective for salons, spas and barbershops to become more sustainable.


“At Minerva Beauty, we monitor innovations carefully, so when we see something that improves not only the client experience but also a salon’s efficiency while cutting costs, we can move quickly to ensure our customers benefit,” said Minerva Beauty President and CEO Jay Rawl. “Easy to install on almost any shampoo bowl, the ECOHEADS Sprayer delivers immediate improvement in water quality and client experience. ECOHEADS is a giant step forward towards a prosperous, more sustainable future for our industry.”


Check out this rainbow power wash with an ECOHEADS Sprayer by Amanda Lyberger (@thehairygodmotherr):

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Visit Minerva Beauty’s showroom to check out ECOHEADS.

Want to see the cool, sleek design of ECOHEADS IRL? Stylists who aren’t within driving distance of Minerva Beauty’s Georgia showroom can opt for the Fly-In Program, which offers reimbursement for flight and transportation costs with a minimum Minerva Beauty purchase of $10,000.


Pro tip: The ECOHEADS spray nozzle can be added as an upgrade to any shampoo bowl or shampoo system!


To learn more about ECOHEADS and Minerva Beauty, visit

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