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April 25, 2022

Have You Thought About Offering A “Silent Haircut?”

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Take The Anxiety Out Of Going To The Salon With Silent Service Options

Have you ever had a client in your chair who seemed very uncomfortable with small talk? It’s more common than you think, and it might not be because a client is having a bad day. Whether someone is dealing with anxiety about casual conversation, or simply needs some quiet time—salon owner Sophia Hilton (@hiltonsophia) is prioritizing mental health and creating a safe space in her salon for every client. 


Three years ago, Sophia’s London salon, Not Another Salon, first offered “The Silent Haircut.” This is an option for clients to who prefer not to talk during their appointment. Keep scrolling to learn more and how you can make your salon more inclusive by incorporating it into your services!



What Is “The Silent Haircut?”

“The Silent Haircut is for just about anyone who wants a bit of peace and quiet during their hair appointment, but it can be especially helpful for clients with non-neuro typical minds, such as those with Aspergers, autism or just simply those who find ‘small talk’ difficult,” says Sophia. 


Here’s How Offering This Service Can Help Clients

Instead of waiting for your client to awkwardly express that they don’t want to talk, having the option of silent services will help take the pressure off of the client and stylist. Even if you think you can read your clients’ vibe or body language, someone might actually become extra chatty when anxious and get pulled into the cycle of conversation they don’t want to have. 


“As someone with anxiety, I know I will often talk continuously when I’m feeling very anxious, especially in a social situation like visiting a hairdresser. Although I’m talking, the truth is I don’t want to speak at all,” says Sophia about her experience. “Once the hairdresser recognizes me as chatty, it will dictate my appointment vibe. If in advance of my appointment I had the option to book a silent service, I would have a moment to think about the experience I really wanted.”


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How Can You Offer “The Silent Haircut” In Your Salon?

Offering “The Silent Haircut” to your clients is easy. First, have them book a silent haircut with you. Once the client arrives, greet them and have a consultation on what they want done to their hair. During the service, speak to them about any hair-related questions and style, cut or color as normal. Simply, leave out the chit-chat—it’s that simple!


Sophia has been offering the “Silent Haircut” for 3 years at her salon!

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