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May 12, 2021

Sitting Down During Services: 10 Things Hairdressers Should Know

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The More You Know: Sitting Down During Services

In beauty school, do you remember hearing these warnings?: “Don’t sit down. It’s unprofessional. It’s too slow. You can’t get the same results.” Well, Sophia Hilton (@hiltonsophia), owner of Not Another Salon in the UK, disagrees—and we thought this post she shared on her IG was super insightful for hairdressers weighing the pros and cons.


“This started when my 6’ 5” assistant Norman Boulton (@normanboulton) started to steal a chair to sit while shampooing and thought I’d be mad, but his back was killing,” says Sophia. “This was four years ago. We’ve been sitting to shampoo ever since I saw him. I’m mad at myself for not recognizing that this is in fact a perfectly acceptable and professional way to work a long time ago.”


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Here are Sophia’s top 10 things to know about sitting while working behind the chair.


1. If it makes you too slow—don’t do it.


2. If you can’t produce the same quality work—don’t do it.


3. Stand for top sections when needed.


4. Keep your chair high and theirs low.


5. Don’t raise your shoulders or arms up to your head.


6. Keep a flat back.


7. Don’t lean. “On our wide chairs, I ask the client to shuffle their bottom to each side of the seat I’m working on,” says Sophia.


8. Yes, many of us also blow-dry like this and get great results.


9. No, we don’t think this the only way. Do what you want, it’s your life.


10. “I believe your bodies’ health matters,” says Sophia.


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Check out Sophia’s full IG post here!

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