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Last updated: February 07, 2018

3 Reasons Fergie Loves Hairdressers

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Need a little inspiration to get you through the week? Then, stop what you’re doing…and check out what went down at Matrix Destination 2018the industry’s most G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S educational event. Seriously, international superstar and Socolor Cult Icon Fergie was this year’s host, and BTC Founder Mary Rector-Gable had the chance to interview her backstage before the show!


Mary asked Fergie, “What do hairdressers mean to you?” Here’s what she said:
“I sit down in the chair and I can just vent—there’s a total trust factor. Hairstylists have been my shoulders to cry on, the people that have always been there for me. They help me feel confident and beautiful enough to get back out there and do what I do.” 



Then Fergie hit the stage to kick off the opening ceremony with these words of inspiration: 

  • “As artists, we are constantly looking for those signs of inspiration. You’ll see something and this idea in your mind just explodes, so you create it. In an instant, you find that idea of brilliance…and we’re artists again. We’re aware of our calling, and clear about how we can touch people’s lives.”
  • “Inspiration is the key to being creative and it’s all around us. Everything we need to be an artist is in front of us. We just need to find it within and make it our own.”


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In addition to opening the show, Fergie recently rocked a new hue from celebrity colorist George Papanikolas using the new Matrix SoColor Cult line. Click the beaker on the photo below for her pop of pink formula.

open color formula
close formula
  • Formula A:

    1 part Matrix ColorSync 6N + 1 part 7N + 10-volume Matrix Cream Developer

  • Formula B:

    Matrix Light Master + 40-volume Matrix Cream Developer + Bond Ultim8

  • Formula C:

    SoColor Cult Blooming Orchid + 10-volume Matrix Cream Developer